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Classical painting workshop with male nude living model

Dates : week-end from 15 to 17 may 2020

Rates : 450€ (12H , accommodation and meals included)

The number of participants is limited to 12

Audience: beginners level zero

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Objective :

This workshop has as objective understanding of the process of developing the male nude painting, oil painting on canvas or
paper support, from the drawing, to the preparation of
colors until the final work.

In a few days we will see a complete method: from the structure of the drawing, to the study of shadows and light, of the organization of the palette of colors of the flesh to the study of the material.

My support in teaching painting is a method that can offer real solutions to those who choose to start painting, as well as to those who, already having a little experience, wish to go further in their approach and perfect.

Your Teacher:

DELOS is a painter who mainly oriented his production towards the male nude with the theme of the gods, heroes and mythology. He has been painting since the age of 14 and draws his inspiration from mythology and many sources such as the Italian painters of the Quattrocento or Ingres, Poussin, Velazquez, Vermeer, Magritte …

His works are carried out with very classical oil painting techniques on canvas to which he gives that very personal touch that gives both this feeling of life, wonder and movement of these sublime characters and bodies.

The living model: Romuald

Le lieu :

Le Vieux Donjon, 6 Place du Bourg – 45290 Pressigny les Pins , in a spacious and bright room and a friendly and studious atmosphere.

The following will be provided and offered for this course to each person (value 60 euros):

  • a pencil, an eraser,
  •   brushes and a palette,
  •   A block of drawing sheets in A5 format, thick watercolor type paper (300 grs),
  •   5 tubes of oil paint: 1 white, 1 black, 1 cobalt blue, 1 medium red, 1 yellow,
  •   the living model
  •   rags, linseed oil and a sheet of coated cotton canvas.

Program :


20h00 : Dinner

21h30 : Présentation of the workshop . The Male nude in the art history


8h30 : Breakfast

9h30 : Presentation of drawing techniques. Color preparation.

12h30 : Lunch

14h30 : Painting session with living model .

20h00 : Dinner

21h30 : FilM Palette / La fille à la perle – Film de Peter Webber.

Dimanche :

8h30  : Breakfast

9h30  : The different techniques of oil painting. Finishes. Varnishing.

10h30 : Painting session with living model .

12h30 : Lunch

14h30 – 16h30 : Free workshop

Inscriptions: / / tél: 0238949756

Lingam & the sacred massage tehcnology




Due to COVID pandemia , all massage workshops have been cancelled for 2021

Lingam & the sacred massage tehcnology
Healing & Alchemy / Bodywork & Massage / Supra-concious-mutil-orgasmic


The experience


  • Tantra is an ancient philosophy and practice that is considered the perfect model and technology to embody mind & sexuality in one process that can lead you to a healing or supra-consious experience.
  • This three days we will learn how to prepare the body for a lingam session ; how to give three ancient massage techniques for & arround lingam. The tantric anatomy on the lingam and how does it relate to the subtle energy system.
  • This is a designed program for people, therapist, masseurs, sexologist & bodyworkers; that has the target to go deep in the knowledge on the lingam. Not only on theory but in practice.
  • We will explore the capability of orgasms, control of erection and ejaculation. The alchemy of the body and the cultivation of sexual energy.


The phallus is the lingam, the symbol of Shiva’s manhood, and of which the human organ is just a microcosmic reflection.
Learn how to explore the whole parts of the body that base up the Lingam.
Most of the times we do not know how deep and resistan can be this organ. The URUT Batin technique is a tantric Indonesian Massage that is considered to be one of the most healthy tools regarding erectyle dysfunction, emiction problems, lack of libido and re-estimulation on sexual áreas.
The art of the lingam masaje is not just to touch or manipulate the penus. It has the target to masaje the lingam as a whole estructure from all the base and elementos on it.
It has more than 29 strokes.
You will recognise the sexual frequency in the massage: stimulation, erotization, sensualization and sexualization.
The difference between orgasms and ejaculation. And the base of masculine multi- orgasmia and the expansion of the sexual energy. Come out of this technique
This sacred sexuality tool connects with a supra- conscious experience.




  • The importance of breathing , bandhas & mudras, tantra Kriya Yoga & Sexual Energy
  • Bodywork to prepare the body for the 3 experiences.

Urut Batin & Linga Massage are some of the most ancient techniques on healing and exploration of the sacred sexuality.


  • Urut Batin and lingam Massage.
  • Orgasm & the learning on expansion of sexual energy. -Multi-Orgasmia on the Lingam .
  • The power of the breathing & Big Draw in both techniques.
  • Control of Sexual Energy the techniques on you and how to on other ones.
  • Trasmutation of Sexual Energy . From density to superior frequencies.
  • Rituals involving the ShivaLingam



20h00: Dinner – 21h30 – 23h00 : Contact and Introduction . Xperience Eros. The energies, the stimulation and lingam


8h00 – 9h00 : Breakfast

9h20 : Nude Tantra Kriya Yoga a sensorial master class

10h45 : The Power on the lingam and the energy there. 
12h45 : Lunch

16h00 – 17.h00 : Recognise the capability of your body & sexual energy

17h00 – 19h30 : How to give & receive a proper lingam massage

20h00 : Dinner

. 21h30 – 23h00 Tantra Adoration . 23h00 – 24h00 : Hammam.


8h00 – 9h00 : Breakfast 

9h20 : Nude Tantra Sensual Yoga …Orgasms & Energy

10h20 – 12h00: Lingam & Multi-Orgasmia.12h00 – 13h00: Cosmic Inyaculation & the Divine Play 13h30: Lunch





Weekend: 2 days / 2 nights
Arrival on Friday evening for dinner / Departure on Sunday afternoon
Price :

shared room: 380 € per person. (including room and meals)
single room: 480 € per person. (including room and meals)

Book as soon
– limited availability 

Phone :
+33(0)238 94 97 56 Email:

For all reservations send
us a Credit card number + exp Date
50% of
the price of the workshop will be debited for the  booking and 50% one
month before the date of the workshop.
deposit will not be refunded in case of cancellation.
If a
cancellation is made less than one month of the course, 100% of the price will
be retained






from 30 november to  2 december  2018


Workshop content and objectives:

You will learn during this exceptional workshop:

  • The technics of the body massage , sex massage and anal massage
  • The language of touch
  • Music massage
  • Breathing  technics that make you relax
  • Separation of orgasm and enjoyment

This workshop will benefit you as it will stimulate the life of your couple or simply boost your sexual fulfillment with your partners.

Come to learn how to give pleasure and to receive!

David your coach


In this workshop we will work together to expand our limits, give the trust to our bodies to react following the feeling so it lead us into pleasurable moments. we will learn  different massage techniques and genital massage.

You will experience touch and find your own style massage. we will work on how to connect with yourself and enhacing the sexual energy while you are connected with others participants. We will have erotic touch and discover how crossing limits is possible yet keeping the respect and the space for being comfortable in a spiritual environment. We practice the art of self-love, learn from each other and experiment with each other.

We give space for ourselves to experience our pleasure, fantasies and enhance our senses. allowing the body to live on its own as a plant in the nature.

Take a chance on yourself !


Practical Aspects

• We will be undressed and blind folded in many exercises during this workshop!
• You can come alone or with your partner
• You do not need to know already how to make massages. The workshop is for beginners and experienced masseurs
• This workshop requires an impeccable personal hygiene. So you have to take a shower before each massage.
• Provide two towels: one for massage and one for the pool.


Friday :
16h00 to 20h00: Reception of the participants
20:00 to 21:00: Dinner
21h30 to 23h00: First workshop of contact. animations
23:00 to 00:00: Hammam

Saturday :
8h30 to 9h30: Breakfast
9h30 to 12h00: Massage / Relaxation Workshop / Tantra Exercises / Back and Anal Massage.
12:30 – 13:30: Meals
15h30 to 19h00: Massage workshop / Facial massage
Chacras massage. Sex massage.
20:00 to 21:00: Dinner
9.30pm to 11pm: Tantra Animations / Blind Massage Session.
23:00 to 24:00: Hammam

8h30 to 9h30: Breakfast
9h30 to 12h00: Massage workshop / Sound massage / Integral massage
12h30 – 13h00: Debrief
13:00 – Meals
14h00: Swimming pool, hammam, free massage workshop

Booking and  rates

Weekend: 2 days / 2 nights –
Arrival on Friday evening for dinner / Departure on Sunday afternoon
2 people or shared room: 2 nights / Breakfast + 4 meals + massage pool hamam + = 380 € per person.
1 person or single room: 2 nights / Breakfast + 4 meals + massage pool hamam + = 480 € per person.

Book as soon – limited availability. Contact us for more information and to book your room and your workshop

For all reservations send us a Credit card number + exp Date
50% of the price of the workshop will be debited for the  booking and 50% one month before the date of the workshop.
This deposit will not be refunded in case of cancellation.
If a cancellation is made less than one month of the course, 100% of the price will be retained



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