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GAY TRANTRIC : Touch, Dance, Massage and sexual fusion

GAY TRANTRIC : Touch, Dance, Massage and sexual fusion

All the essentials to develop sensuality, sexuality and pleasure

From October 26 to 28, 2018

For the first time at the Gay Resort le Vieux Donjon, we organized a weekend to discover new tantric techniques from October 26 to 28, 2018.


The objective of this workshop is to recover the body and love consciousness, with yourself and with others. Improve your relationship with your own body and with that of your partner or companions of intimacy. A way to enjoy freely and without complexes an open, fully accepted and complete sexuality. With exercises that enhance your personal characteristics, physically, mentally and spiritually. Based on therapeutic techniques of movement and contact.


The techniques used come from the field of therapeutic dance, specifically biodanza, bioenergetics, dance contact improvisation. And techniques of Conscious Touch, such as sensitive massage, deep bioenergetic massage, genital reflexology, tantric massage. We also carry out active and passive meditations to assimilate each stage of the course.
This program is designed for people who seek greater involvement with their body, their inner being and their instinct. Ideal for those who have previous training or professions such as masseurs, dancers, actors, athletes, therapists of all kinds and any professional body and mind. The particularity of my teachings is the practical application of therapeutic and artistic techniques to the experience of sex between men in an unprejudiced, liberating and healing way.


I am of Mexican origin and possess innate abilities in creation, expression and touch, inheritance of my ancestors. Professionally I have been trained in Fine Arts for 10 years in my country of origin. Later here in Barcelona I trained as an actor for five years, in different programs, such as Meisner Technique.
During my training as an actor and parallel to it arises the need to work my body and sexual consciousness and that is when I get into the various techniques that I practice in my work as a sexual therapist and tantric masseur. As a masseuse I have received diverse and complementary training, creating my own way of working from sexuality, respect and love of the body. I have 10 years of experience as a massage therapist two years ago, I began the work of showing and sharing my way of working, through workshops, courses and meetings.
For my part I have complete dedication and generosity to share what I know.



Friday :
9:30 pm to 11:00 pm: First contact workshop. Conscious breathing exercises. Biocontact

Saturday :

9h30 à 12h00: Movement and contact workshop / Body awareness / Stretching and flexibility

15h30 à 19h00: Massage workshop / Back massage / Energy massage. Integral massage

9:30 pm to 11:00 pm: Tantric Night / Sexual Fusion.


9h30 à 12h00: Massage workshop / Body to body / Integral massage

14h00: Free massage workshop


Formula with room and meal included:
Weekend: 2 days / 2 nights
Arrival on Friday evening for dinner / Departure on Sunday afternoon
Base 2 people in a room and shared bed:
2 nights / breakfast + 4 meals + classes + pool and hamam = 380 euros per pers.
Base 1 person in single room:
2 nights / breakfast + 4 meals + classes + pool and hamam = 480 euros par pers. </ Span> </ span > </ span> </ span> </ span>

For all reservations we need a CB No. (Visa or mastercard) with expiration date
50% of the price will be entered into the reserve and the other 50% one month before.
Read our General Terms of Sale

Gay tantrism

Tantric massages Gay / sexual fusion

We have been organizing tantric massage courses for over 10 years at the Gay Resort Le Vieux Donjon, France

Hot Nude Yoga Workshop in France

One of the activities we offer during the year is Yoga. Practiced alone or as a couple, this is an opportunity to reconnect with his body, to empty and relax through this practice.

Each year we organize a special  Nude Yoga week
NEXT WORKSHOP FOR 2017: One Full week 7 days.


Wenesday 16th to 23 august 2017 with Andy


2017 : ‘The Vibrant Male’ Naked Yoga Retreat

In 7 days you will discover all the techniques of yoga: meditation, breathing, movement and partner positions. Discover the well-being and bliss of yoga. Andy  (UK) is a professional Yoga teachers with several years experience
Amid the peace and quiet of rural France, we gather to awaken and amplify the vibrant currents of energy within. First connecting to the ground to develop strong and stable  foundations, we can then ascend, combining the wonderful aspects of Tantra to help us on this journey to unfolding, opening and thriving.
Posture, pranayama, mantra and meditation – along with playful partner work will be your map. Peace, joy and wellbeing your destination.

Over the week you will learn many ancient breathing techniques for raising tantric energy, to enhance your yoga practise and deepen your relationship to other men.

The retreat will combine nude yoga, meditation, Tantric breath work, massage and lots of fun!

ANDY (UK) will guide the retreat in English.


Andy has taught mindfulness for 4 years and practiced yoga asana for 10. It was on his mat in a class a few years ago, that he realised what yoga had come to mean to him and that he had to share its treasures with others.
“Some of my most peaceful, blissed out, loving and empowered moments have arisen on the mat. For me it is the path towards true and total freedom, the path home, the path on which I learn, serve and love.”
He has journeyed through various styles including vinyasa, anusara, dru, vini, kundalini and kriya yog and folds their elements into his practice and teaching along with his experience in shiatsu and meditation.
His time on the mat at Yoganu has created some of those most powerful, transformative moments. “For me, a class at Yoganu is always exhilarating, empowering and joyful. Postures are more accessible in that wonderful space as I seem less held back by the doubting mind.” He is passionate about helping his students to connect deeply into their lifeforce, honour and celebrate their bodies and dwell in peace in their minds and hearts.
Andy teaches in Brighton, London and around the world.







They talk about their experience:

• Early morning meditation
• 2-3 hour morning Tantric Yoga session

(includes partner work and relaxation)
• Afternoon Delight (massage / restorative yoga/ body session)
• Delicious home cooked meals
• Swimming Pool & Hamman
• Shared or Private lodging available.


Participants arrive on Wenesday 16th August, afternoon for dinner.
The workshop starts on Thursday morning at 8am for meditation. Followed by breakfast and morning yoga session from 10am to 12:30 noon / lunch.
Relax, pool and haman / yoga resumes 4.30pm to 6.00pm and some evenings.
Departure on Wenesday 23th August afternoon.

Rate per person for 7 days :
Shared Lodging (You share your room with one other person) : 7 night / breakfast + 14 meals
+ yoga training + swimming pool + hamam=840 euros 

Private Lodging (You have your own bedroom) Add 240 euros
People arrive on monday for dinner and leave on monday afternoon.
SPECIAL EARLY BIRD BEFORE 30th march 2017 : 780 €


Conctact us for your reservation room and yoga training
Booking COnditions: we need a credit card number + name + exp date to confirm your reservation.
370 euros will be debit on your credit card for the reservation . This deposit will not be refunded if you cancel.
If you cancel your reservation until 1 month before the workshop 50% of the total cost will be debit on your credit card.
after that 100% of the total cost will be debit on your credit card.

6 place du Bourg – 45290 – Pressigny les Pins – FRANCE Tél / Fax : 0033 (0)2 38 94 97 56 –Reservation : info @

Gay classic Car

Gay Auto  Retro: Classic Car weekend

We organize from  29  june  to 1 July  2012 a weekend for lovers of old cars

This weekend is for you:

– If you have a classic car over 30 years,
– If you want to do your baptism into “old” and discover our beautiful country area,
– If you want to share a weekend of leisure and relaxation amongst the beautiful machines.

On the program:


Morning: Departure at 10am with the classic cars  to go to Saint-Fargeau  (40km). Lunch: Picnic at the  Ratilly Castle. Afternoon: Little nap or romantic ballad – Ratilly Visit , private castle full of charm and mystery lost in the forest … Late afternoon: Back to Gay Resort Le Vieux Donjon, relaxation pool and steam room. The evening : aperitif and gourmet dinner by candlelight at the Vieux Donjon.


Morning: Departure at 10am to visit the Château de la Bussiere (12km).  Lunch in the park in Le Vieux Donjon

Afternoon: Free

Weekend of 11 to 13 May 2012: 2 days / 2 nights – Arriving on Friday night and departure Sunday afternoon after lunch.

Rates – stay with Formula: 260 euros per person in double room. 360 euros per person in Single room.

This price includes the old car rides, visiting castles, Gay self back plate 2012, meals, two nights.

For 2 people: 2 nights / breakfast + lunch + 4 = hammam pool 260 euros per person
An individual basis: 2 nights / breakfast + lunch + 4 = hammam pool 360 euros per person

Lubricants will be made ​​available to polish ……. your chrome!
AuVieux Dungeon, your former has a gated parking lot.

Contact us for more information and to book your room: 33 (0)2 38 94 97 56.

Our partners:

Booking conditions: To book a reservation you need to send us a deposit  of 150 euros by  credit card or transfert by the bank.  This deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation if you cancel less than one month before.

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