Wellness and Gay Tantric Massage weekend

Folloqing the big success  of the  sold out March 2015 event…

Wellness and Gay Tantric Massage weekend
from 6 to 9 october 2016

You are stressed and you do not feel good in your body and your mind …. this massage relaxation weekend is for you !!!

Modern life is a constant source of stress : stress at work, in relationships. The technologies get you a permanent source of tress with the digital tools (email, phone …).

What are the consequences of stress on our bodies and minds? Is it possible to overcome this  naturaly?


Objective of this training is to provide you simple and easy techniques to use in your daily life to release tension and restore well-being with massage and relaxation, 




Meditation-gayMassage tantrique gay  love and be loved  dietetique gay  Kriss gay masseur  Laurent Saint-Georges RELAXATION / MINDFULNESS
Mindfulness teaches you to release physical and mental tension. You will learn easy breathing and meditation exercises which you can then practice anywhere and at anytime. During this workshop  you’ll learn about Tantra. Tantric massage first objective consciousness of the body, out of mind control, far from automatic gestures and behaviors quotidien. Being physically present to itself, it helps to be present to another. This is why it can build a real time two-sensuous without extraneous thoughts. In the Tantric tradition, these movements awaken the vital forces in man. It is ideal for men who need to circulate their sexual energy and eroticise their relationship. For followers of this philosophy, tantric massage is an experience both sensual and spiritual.

You will discover the benefits of tantric massage that will help you eliminate stress and to release sexual energy to feel more happiness, joy and even ecstasy.



Being in the wellness is also better know yourself, understand and accept other persons and thus live in harmony with oneself and with the other …Being happy together? Everything begins at home, get to know, understand and accept. Although we are all different, unite us many emotions, whatever way we express them, share them. The keys to this work, learn to master them during the course. Who am I? Who is he? How to find codes in order to love, not love as you love, but as the other needs to be loved, and that in any reciprocity? Living a solid relationship, so durable, is accessible to all, whatever your background. It is in this direction that we propose to move forward by a working group mixing sessions and individual interviews.


To be healthy body it is recommended to have a healthy and balanced diet. We do not all have the same nutritional needs. Depending on our age, our physical activity, we have to absorb more or less energy, vitamins, minerals … You will discover how to eat healthy to regain well-being.




A Professional masseur for ten years, Kriss is a graduate of Massage Wellness. He trained in South-East Asia to all massage techniques: Traditional Thai, Thai Oil, Swedish, Californian … .It also practice relaxation therapy,  meditation and Qi Qong in several companies: massages, relaxation, seminars … It puts you at the center any relationship masseur / massaged the exchange, sharing and listening to others.


After year’s in corporate world, i studied  psychology in Lille. He is now therapist in Marcq en Baroeul, in the North of France

Specializing in romantic relationships, it helps singles and couples to better share their love, helping people answer questions such as: who am I? how to love? how to let him love me? How to live the sweetness of love and be loved.


Rates  Weekend: 2 days / 2 nights –
Arrival on Friday evening for dinner / Departure on Sunday afternoon
Based on  shared room:
2 nights / Breakfast + 4 meals + massage + pool hamam = 380 euros per pers.
Based  on single room:
2 nights / Breakfast + 4 meals + massage + pool hamam = 480 euros per person

Book soon as places are limited. Contact us for more information and to book your room and your week-end.

Booking Conditions: we need a credit card number + name + exp date to confirm your reservation.
190 euros will be debited on your credit card one reservation . This deposit will not be refunded if you cancel.
If you cancel your reservation less than  1 month before the workshop 100% of the total cost will be debit on your credit card.